So Now What?!?!?

Well sleeping has been an issue.   Short but intense bouts of insomnia have been hitting me up every once in a while.  So I am going to start moving away from caffeine.  I have done this in the past and have a pretty sure fire way to get off it.  Starting today I will not have caffeine after 5PM.  Tomorrow? Not after 4PM.  Everyday I’ll drop it by an hour.  This way I should not get the headaches.  At least in the past this avoided the headaches.  I could go cold turkey but I ingest so much caffeine that headaches would take me out of commission for a day.  And we don’t want that.

I also did not work out this morning.  That’s okay.  There is a fitness class at the apartment gym tonight and if I can make it home in time, for it I will give it a whirl.

5.8 To Go

ImageI am one day into the challenge.  After a BUNCH of activity yesterday, I am no only 5.8 pounds away from my halfway point.  I can smell the steak dinner with glazed carrots.

Yesterday I overloaded on activity. I did like 13,000 steps (some of that actual jogging).  I worked out.  Today I take it easy.  Then hit it hard again on Friday.


Roasted Broccoli for Dinner

First, cut some fresh florets and mist them with pam.  Next season them to taste (I like salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder) and put them on a cookie sheet, also misted with pam, stem side down.  Finally, put them in a 425 degree oven for 20 minutes and YUM!   It’s a Jenny Craig free food.

Roasted Broccoli

Also, I moved my Jenny Craig appoints to Saturday mornings and this week I was down 3.3 pounds. This train keeps a rollin’.