Another .6 Down this morning.

Only 5.2 more to go.  Let’s see if I keep this rate up.  0.6 * 13 = 7.8 pounds.  I doubt I will keep this rate up. At least I am ahead of the curve now.

ImageI am enjoying working out and running every other day.  I seem to be in a better mood, and have more energy.  Common sense really.  Eat less, Move more.  Ah durrrrrr!  Oh and the following song makes run at a good pace REALLY easy.  Thanks Scooter.

5.8 To Go

ImageI am one day into the challenge.  After a BUNCH of activity yesterday, I am no only 5.8 pounds away from my halfway point.  I can smell the steak dinner with glazed carrots.

Yesterday I overloaded on activity. I did like 13,000 steps (some of that actual jogging).  I worked out.  Today I take it easy.  Then hit it hard again on Friday.


100 Degrees, 6 Miles and a Bicycle.

In regards to my last post…  I was down just under 2 pounds for my weigh in this week.  Hurray for me.

Okay, I am not a bright man.  I could have gotten up early and did my bike ride in the morning when it was in the 80’s.  But no.  Let’s start at 2:30 when it’s 100 degrees out.  Yeesh.  6 miles, sun, heat, beard, ouch.

I am not  a triathlete by any stretch of the imagination, and any hill still kicks my ass, but I am getting fitter.  That feels great.  It also helps that I am not exercising with an extra 39 pounds of water and fat on my body.

The thought about how easy exercising will be when I lose another 61 pounds is mind blowing.  I want be that middle aged guy with the rocking body that looks in his thirties.  Or at least not be the unhealthy slob I was a few months ago.

I am heading in the right direction… and that direction is in desperate need of a shower.

Oh Hell Yeah! (crap, I got 80 more pounds to lose)

So I weighed myself this morning and the scale told me 250 pounds.  That is 20 pounds lighter since the morning I started Jenny Craig.  I am 20% done (the easiest 20%) and I am only 25 days into this diet.

My trick?  Follow the menu that Jenny Craig gives you.  Increase your activity.  I walk at least 7500 steps a day during the week. And stick to (some times leave out some stuff) the menu. 

Eat less, move more. It’s simple but it’s not easy.  You have to find a motivator that will stick with you in the long run.  Mine?  I don’t want to die (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, High Glucose) and I want to look good naked so ladies will have fewer reasons to avoid me.