Ugh. Not Every Weigh-In is a Victory…

..but that does not diminish the work I have done, or the work that is ahead of me.  My Pops is in town, and I am showing off Austin.  That usually involves a significant up take in food and alcohol.  This also explains the gap in blog posts, sorry.  With the salty-ness of the food I have been eating, I know a good portion of the 3 pound gain this week was water weight.  I should have no problems getting them off again.  Weight gained is also always easier to take off that weight I have had for years.  

This is not a get out of jail free card for bad weeks though.  This can not become a trend.  I have to learn to make healthier choices and realize that guests are not an excuse for throwing everything out the window and going Yee-Ha! let’s go all debaucherous.  I can still hang with friends and family and have a few less cocktails (with less sugar) and healthier foods while they enjoy whatever they are having.  Maybe they will even make better choices from my example.

The plan today (to quote Howard Stern’s father) is to “not be stupid, you moron.”  Let’s keep the activity up, the calories down, and get (at least) facing the tracks.

5.8 To Go

ImageI am one day into the challenge.  After a BUNCH of activity yesterday, I am no only 5.8 pounds away from my halfway point.  I can smell the steak dinner with glazed carrots.

Yesterday I overloaded on activity. I did like 13,000 steps (some of that actual jogging).  I worked out.  Today I take it easy.  Then hit it hard again on Friday.


Roasted Broccoli for Dinner

First, cut some fresh florets and mist them with pam.  Next season them to taste (I like salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder) and put them on a cookie sheet, also misted with pam, stem side down.  Finally, put them in a 425 degree oven for 20 minutes and YUM!   It’s a Jenny Craig free food.

Roasted Broccoli

Also, I moved my Jenny Craig appoints to Saturday mornings and this week I was down 3.3 pounds. This train keeps a rollin’.