Because, Alcohol.

Did not blog last night, because, alcohol.

Ate things I should not have eaten last night, because, alcohol.

Too many calories, because… alcohol.

I had a very nice night out with some friends from work.  Somebody is leaving the company and it was our little groups send off.  I had a couple too many cocktails (read empty calories) and lobster tacos (probably not the healthiest thing and… calories).

I did manage to stay away from the chocolatey snacks. But ate a mini bundt cake (the size of a muffin).  That was not because alcohol.  That was me being stupid.

So today!  I am going to stay away from the sauce until Saturday. And healthy choices.  I am off the jenny menu today so I am going to eat good healthy things.  So no booze, and nothing fried. Eat Healthy and don’t be stupid.  Hurrah!