Today’s goal?

I really can’t think of anything.  Maybe I will figure it out before I finish writing this post. 

My silly idea that not taking caffeine after 3pm would help my sleeping?  NOT!!! I did fall asleep nicely at 10pm,  but was up at 1am and didn’t get back to sleep until 4:30am.  Then, an hour later at 5:30am, BUZZ!! My alarm went off to wake me up for my workout with my trainer.  UGH!!  Anyway… it was a great work out.  He included boxing today.  We  did 3 three minute rounds of him call out combos.  And let me tell you, it got me sweating and my heart rate up and I could feel it in my shoulders and arms.  I think I found a workout I can wrap my head around.

SO! Goal, goal, goal….. hrmmm.  Let’s say today I will limit my “snacking” to fruits and veggies.  No skinny cow chocolate wafer bars, or those lil Ghiradelli chocolate squares (even though they ate only 50 calories).  I’ll stick to an carrots, apple and maybe a clementine or a banana.  Oh and no caffeine after 2pm.


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