So Now What?!?!?

Well sleeping has been an issue.   Short but intense bouts of insomnia have been hitting me up every once in a while.  So I am going to start moving away from caffeine.  I have done this in the past and have a pretty sure fire way to get off it.  Starting today I will not have caffeine after 5PM.  Tomorrow? Not after 4PM.  Everyday I’ll drop it by an hour.  This way I should not get the headaches.  At least in the past this avoided the headaches.  I could go cold turkey but I ingest so much caffeine that headaches would take me out of commission for a day.  And we don’t want that.

I also did not work out this morning.  That’s okay.  There is a fitness class at the apartment gym tonight and if I can make it home in time, for it I will give it a whirl.

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