Today’s Goal?

Alright, so for today.  My goal is drum roll……..   WATER!!!  At work I am going to cut out diet soda and drink at least 4 sixteen ounces cups of water.  I’m still gonna do coffee (black with a shot of espresso) because I am not crazy.  Water  is good for you and I’d like to avoid the sodium in soda.  I use sodium free and better zero calorie sweetened soda stream sodas at home.  More water in my tumtum means I’ll should feel fuller quicker.

I had a great workout this morning with my trainer.  We worked a lot on form.  By the end I was slowly getting it.   A lifetime of bad form will take more than a day to fix.  I am figuring a week or two ;P  Also when I started with him, I could hardly do a single sit up. Now, he has got me doing crunches with my knees bent and my ankles crossed and in the air.  I am terrible at them, but at least I can bang a few out. 

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