Nightly Wrap Up #001

64 ounces of water? Done. No soda at the office? Done. That sucked. I really have a diet soda problem. We’ll do it again tomorrow. It was actually harder than I thought. Not just the no soda, but the fact that I had to drink all that water. I really don’t like: just water. It’s like working out. I understand it’s good for me, and tons people enjoy it. I am just not in that group. I am hoping if I do it long enough I will enjoy it or at least not dread it.

I am still a little sore from the workout this morning. I am actually thinking about hitting the gym tomorrow morning, too. Not because I enjoy it (yet), but because I have a weigh in for work tomorrow. They had a weight loss challenge for March and I threw my hat in the ring. With everything slowing down, I thought it would get me back on track. It has a little bit. It got me back with my trainer.

Well I am off to sleepy land and to watch the finale of HIMYM. It better not suck.

Today’s Goal?

Alright, so for today.  My goal is drum roll……..   WATER!!!  At work I am going to cut out diet soda and drink at least 4 sixteen ounces cups of water.  I’m still gonna do coffee (black with a shot of espresso) because I am not crazy.  Water  is good for you and I’d like to avoid the sodium in soda.  I use sodium free and better zero calorie sweetened soda stream sodas at home.  More water in my tumtum means I’ll should feel fuller quicker.

I had a great workout this morning with my trainer.  We worked a lot on form.  By the end I was slowly getting it.   A lifetime of bad form will take more than a day to fix.  I am figuring a week or two ;P  Also when I started with him, I could hardly do a single sit up. Now, he has got me doing crunches with my knees bent and my ankles crossed and in the air.  I am terrible at them, but at least I can bang a few out. 

I’m Back and Need to Refocus

Yeah. It’s been months. I am at the danger point. The last time I lost weight I got cocky. I thought, hey I lost 80 pounds. I look and feel good. I can finish this up myself. NOT! I gained it all back plus 20 more in about a year.

Well, I am at the 80 pound mark again. 20 more to go before I hit my goal. There is some good news and some bad news.

Let’s start with the bad:

The weight loss has slowed. This is my fault. I have not been sticking to the Jenny Craig plan every day. I have been doing stupid things like eating all my snacks the day I pick up my food. I have been supplementing the lack of snacks by having extra snacks at work. Small calorie snacks, but too many.

The good news:

The weight loss hasn’t reversed. I have only had 2-3 weeks with small gains. I also went back to my trainer twice a week and have been hitting the gym 1-2 other times a week. I even started jumping rope.

I also decided to focus on this blog again. I think it will give me the accountability and encouragement I need. I am going to use it to concentrate on things one day at a time (Thanks Bill W). I will blog in the morning and set at least one goal to hit. I will post again at night to say how I did on that goal and any other issues that popped up.

So for now, here’s a current picture on my progress so far. Oh yeah, and I shaved my beard.