Challenge Accepted!!

The gauntlet has been throw.  I am pretty close to my half way point through my 100 pound weight loss.  I told my friends I wanted to celebrate when I hit 50 pounds down (getting to 220).  My friend Nick mentioned that there is a Man Meal on August 29th (last thursday of the month, heh).  He was wondering if I could hit my halfway point in 15 days.  

I said yes.  The weight has been coming off a little slower (as it will) so I am taking the “opportunity” to help bring the loss rate back up.  So I have 6.4 pounds to go in 15 days.  I can do it and I will do daily morning posts to keep all my readers up to date on my progress.

One thought on “Challenge Accepted!!

  1. O.K. great going, but what is a man meal? Lemme guess…a cracked black pepper crusted rib eye steak pan seared then lightly braised in single barrel bourbon?

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