Don’t Worry, I am Still Alive and a Big Ole Loser

You know you missed a few blog posts when your dad calls you and asks if everything is okay.  Well… everything is okay.

I had a few hectic weeks at work, then a friend came in from out of town and stayed with me for about a week.  Work has leveled off… but when my friend was in town I went “own-my-own” and “off Jenny” for a handful of days (5 over the course of about 10 days).

I was good for the most part.  I did have a Gordough’s donut (OMFG). When we ate out, I stuck to the healthier options.  The interesting thing is that even the healthier options tasted horribly unhealthy.  A grilled eggplant sandwich I had tasted like they dipped the eggplant in a tub of EVOO before grilling it.

I even had a few cocktails.  Here is my thing on liquor (and beer and wine) when dieting.  It is a two pronged evil.  Booze is basically empty calories (read no protein of vitamins).  That is evil prong #1.  Prong #2?  You get drunk, you want to drink more, you get more drunk, you want to drink more, your inhibitions go to the wind and you find yourself walking to Death Metal Pizza on 6th street at 1:30am for a bog ole greasy plain slice.  Then in the morning, you have a guilt work out for an hour and um… blog about it… anyway you get the idea.

My advice?  If you are trying to lose weight, stay away from the hooch.

Despite my slip ups, and probably because I upped my activity, I have managed to still lose at least a pound and change at each weigh in at Jenny Craig for the past two weeks.  I am planning to dig back into the plan this week after my relaxed attitude from the past few weeks.

I am going to log what I eat into Body Media and workout, and write blog posts dammit.  That is all I have to do. It’s simple and easy. I just have to do it, and not avoid it and make excuses.

I am off to buy some clothes. I need a moral boost and my current shirts are starting to look ridiculous.

One thought on “Don’t Worry, I am Still Alive and a Big Ole Loser

  1. You are “oh so right” about the “hooch”. It dissolves the barriers that you have had the strength to construct.
    Never mind.
    You have identified the issue. Move in the path that makes the best sense for your goal. Allowing setbacks makes it easier to move forward.

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