Woot! I am a Big Loser!

So, anyway, I cheated a bit.  I normally go in the get weighed in my street clothes (jeans, dicky’s work shirt, under shirt, etc.) but…  …yesterday I weighed in wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  With the help of fewer and lighter clothes it was a 6.2 pound loss this week. (I give two pounds to the whole clothes situation).  That makes my Jenny Craig official weight loss total 26.6 pound in 7 weeks.

I know I won’t be able to keep this rate up.  When you are bigger, it’s easier to drop weight. But it is nice to get these good weeks every once in awhile.

My goals this week are to a) be better at blogging updates, b) be better at recording what I eat in BodyMedia, and c) get a bike.

Also, I need be better about cooking food and sticking to the menu.  I have not cheated (food-wise), but I have missed some veggies at dinner here and there and missed some dairy and fruit items every once in a while.

Any bike suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Woot! I am a Big Loser!

  1. Just took your old bike to eddys for estimate on road reddiness. Completely shot. 325$ to fix it.Or u could buy it from us for 1$.

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