I am a Horrible Blogger and Down 27.8 Pounds

It’s been a week. I am sorry.  My renewed goal is to get this back to daily.  This week at the new Jenny Craig center… meh. It was a slow week at only 1.2 pounds down.  But that did bring me to over 20 pounds total loss on the official Jenny Craig weigh in scale.  Hurrah.

And here is the weird and stupid thing.  This weekend I did NOTHING.  I laid around and watched TV.  I barely left my apartment.  My cat was not happy…   and here is the kicker: I lost around 3 pounds doing NOTHING!!!  gah.

So, I am down on my home scale 27.8 pounds and that means, I guess, that I had to buy new clothes.  One of the best parts about losing weight?  Shopping is fun and no longer an exercise in shame.  I am still a XXL shirt, but I lost about 3 inches off my waist, and prepare to gasp.  I bought shorts.

By the way, what the hell is it with cargo shorts.  Literally 3 out of four pairs of shorts have giant pockets on the outsides of the thighs.

I don’t get it.  I guess I am getting old.  Oh well, see ya tomorrow night.

3 thoughts on “I am a Horrible Blogger and Down 27.8 Pounds

  1. I know exactly what you mean when you say that shopping used to be shameful. It can only keep getting better from here, right? Funnily enough, I just wrote about some similar experiences myself 🙂 Well, except for the cargo shorts annoyance. But now I will notice it everywhere, so thanks for that 😀

  2. Cargo shorts….. Hello 1996. Go to a local skateboard shop and get some hurly or volcom. Go chris. Hurry and come to cleveland and protect me from my incoming brothers.hope u are well and keep the passion for layin and losin strong. I like that…Layin and Losin

  3. Now you are getting what I have thought for a number of years about various fashion trends….do the designers own mirrors? Especially viewed after the products have been washed.

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