Woot! I am a Big Loser!

So, anyway, I cheated a bit.  I normally go in the get weighed in my street clothes (jeans, dicky’s work shirt, under shirt, etc.) but…  …yesterday I weighed in wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  With the help of fewer and lighter clothes it was a 6.2 pound loss this week. (I give two pounds to the whole clothes situation).  That makes my Jenny Craig official weight loss total 26.6 pound in 7 weeks.

I know I won’t be able to keep this rate up.  When you are bigger, it’s easier to drop weight. But it is nice to get these good weeks every once in awhile.

My goals this week are to a) be better at blogging updates, b) be better at recording what I eat in BodyMedia, and c) get a bike.

Also, I need be better about cooking food and sticking to the menu.  I have not cheated (food-wise), but I have missed some veggies at dinner here and there and missed some dairy and fruit items every once in a while.

Any bike suggestions?

I am a Horrible Blogger and Down 27.8 Pounds

It’s been a week. I am sorry.  My renewed goal is to get this back to daily.  This week at the new Jenny Craig center… meh. It was a slow week at only 1.2 pounds down.  But that did bring me to over 20 pounds total loss on the official Jenny Craig weigh in scale.  Hurrah.

And here is the weird and stupid thing.  This weekend I did NOTHING.  I laid around and watched TV.  I barely left my apartment.  My cat was not happy…   and here is the kicker: I lost around 3 pounds doing NOTHING!!!  gah.

So, I am down on my home scale 27.8 pounds and that means, I guess, that I had to buy new clothes.  One of the best parts about losing weight?  Shopping is fun and no longer an exercise in shame.  I am still a XXL shirt, but I lost about 3 inches off my waist, and prepare to gasp.  I bought shorts.

By the way, what the hell is it with cargo shorts.  Literally 3 out of four pairs of shorts have giant pockets on the outsides of the thighs.

I don’t get it.  I guess I am getting old.  Oh well, see ya tomorrow night.

Good News and Bad News

We’ll start with the bad news:

  • My Jenny Craig center is closing and my WONDERFUL consultant is going to enter too far away.
  • I forgot to get anytime bars when I picked up my food.

Now for the good news:

  • Down 3.2 pounds in week five.  I am less than a pound away from 20 punds down at Jenny Weigh ins.
  • I am upping my physical activity goals to avg 8000 steps a day and 45 minutes of moderate activity.
  • My apartment is clean.

Today at work I took a two mile walk break to help with the planned steps.

I Guess Plateaus Mean I Don’t Blog

It is actually pretty damn hard to motivate myself to write anything when I do everything right and have flat lined the weight loss for 4 days.  I may even be a half of a pound up since Thursday.   Eck.

I did walk to the farmers market on Saturday and got 8500 steps in on a weekend day.  So that’s a win.  And another win is that I have been on this plateau for a couple days and my resolve has not weakened.  So yea, me.