I Made Some Delish Healthy Carrots Tonight


These carrots are buttery, sweet, herb-a-licious, and only 180 calories for a HUGE 2 cup serving.

I don’t have a “real recipe”  but I’ll give you the gist, and you can play with it.  Slice up some carrots (two cups).  I slice them diagonally, because that’s how Mom did it.  Pour some water in a pot with a basket steam.  Put in half the carrots, salt and pepper and Herb De Provence (buy some at a fancy grocery store they are great to have around). Put in the other half, salt, pepper, herbs again.  Give them a little stir to mix it all up.  Cover it, put it on medium high and let it steam for about 15-20 minutes (to a texture you like and could be less or more depending on the thickness you slice).

Pull out the basket, empty the pot, put some fake light buttery stuff.  Melt it down a bit and throw in the carrots.  Toss them untill they are coated, and then put in a packet of zero calorie sweetener and toss some more. Salt and pepper to taste.


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