Hurray! I am a Loser!

So according to my bathroom scale (post shower, nothing to weigh me down) weigh in I am down 12 pounds from when I started 2 weeks ago.  My official Jenny Craig weigh in (clothes on, first weigh in a few days before my start) I drop 3.6 pounds in my second week.

Guess that was the win I needed.  It’s good to go in and lose weigh and get great encouragement from my consultant.  It’s good to see that if you just follow the program it works.

My silly little piece of unsolicited advice is: rather than make excuses, make realistic goals and meet them.

I am ready for a good day today and the long weekend ahead.

2 thoughts on “Hurray! I am a Loser!

  1. Wow, this is so high tech. At thirty pounds, you get a fathead of jenny for your living room. How is betty coping with all of this? . We are all so proud of you. Dont overdue it. Remember, just a brisk walk and nonsedentary leisure time is great. We miss u and support u. Even tho everyone hates us and we have no friends. Luv cuz Dan.

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