Well Okay, NOT 8.6 but 4 is good.

There are 100 reason/excuses why I did not get the 8 pound loss when I weighed in but none of that matters.  I am down 4 pounds.  96 more to go.  I am 4% in and only in my first week.  I am feeling good about it and the consultant at Jenny was awesome.  She was encouraging and helpful.  I am getting a great vibe from this center.

So it’s been a hectic week.  Lost 4 pounds, sat in a dentist chair for over two hours (fixed a chipped tooth, two fillings and replaced a temporary crown with a permanent).  Did my first week on Jenny Craig, and managed to not kill anyone.  To be honest, my energy levels are down, but that will happen when you go from 12,000 calories to 1,700 calories a day.   I only muddled up a minor thing on my menu which I think will be helpful, I subbed a dairy for cottage cheese rather than a meat.  Which my help with the energy.

I’ll take another picture tomorrow morning.  The one week in pic.  There won’t be much change, but it will be neat to have all the pix as I lose.  I am a loser, HURRAY!!!

One thought on “Well Okay, NOT 8.6 but 4 is good.

  1. Hey….go to the grocery store and grab 4 pounds of butter and take a good look at what is in your hands. That is no longer what you are carrying around with you. That is a good thing.

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