Weekends are Less Fun

I had less than optimal physical activity yesterday.  Here’s my BodyMedia report:

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 2.59.57 PM

meh.  I need to have a plan going into the weekend on things do do.  Because “winging it” means sitting around doing nothing and feeling hungry.  Kinda excited to go back to work to get a little structure back in my life.

On a completely different thought, I came to a realization.  A simple one, but a powerful one.  I have to change who I am to change what I look like and feel like.  I can no longer be the foodie over indulging in great restaurant food and fancy cocktails.  I will need an identity, and right now “the guy trying to lose a hundred punds” is good enough.

One thought on “Weekends are Less Fun

  1. This is awesome. Great attitude. I don’t really care what identity you pick, but if you don’t see this thing through, imma kick you square in the nuts! How’s that for motivation?

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