So the Long Post I Promised Last Night is More Like this Morning.

I think the first day was tough because my body was in a big ole sugar crash… or not.  Either way around 8 o’clock I was done for the day.  As far as the diet goes I stayed on the menu and wasn’t horrible hungry.  My body and mind wanted more, but I didn’t have a grumbly stomach or stomach pangs.  I would call it a success.

My BodyMedia arm band had some good news this morning, I was 700 steps short of 10,000 steps and I did not go out of my way to hit that.  It was just my walk to work, and the everyday walking.  I’ll have to force myself this weekend to get some walking in, because usually I lie around all weekend.  The arm band is kinda like a little consultant that is always watching me.  I like that accountability.


I know I lost 4 pounds on the first day, but I understand that is water weight.  Well unto day two.  No big plans I am going to walk to a coffee shop near work to get my walking in and do some laundry.  Oh life is exciting.

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