So the weight loss thing went okay.  I decided to change the direction of the blog to focus on my other passions:  photography, technology, music and my views on stuff.

A redesign is underway, and I will start working on content too.

I am about to start a new adventure in my life (leaving one job and going to another). I believe this  demarcation in my life is great and I want to use it to spew stuff I create into the anonymous abyss that is the inter-webs.  I hope some folks enjoy it.

More to come soon.

Ugh. Not Every Weigh-In is a Victory…

..but that does not diminish the work I have done, or the work that is ahead of me.  My Pops is in town, and I am showing off Austin.  That usually involves a significant up take in food and alcohol.  This also explains the gap in blog posts, sorry.  With the salty-ness of the food I have been eating, I know a good portion of the 3 pound gain this week was water weight.  I should have no problems getting them off again.  Weight gained is also always easier to take off that weight I have had for years.  

This is not a get out of jail free card for bad weeks though.  This can not become a trend.  I have to learn to make healthier choices and realize that guests are not an excuse for throwing everything out the window and going Yee-Ha! let’s go all debaucherous.  I can still hang with friends and family and have a few less cocktails (with less sugar) and healthier foods while they enjoy whatever they are having.  Maybe they will even make better choices from my example.

The plan today (to quote Howard Stern’s father) is to “not be stupid, you moron.”  Let’s keep the activity up, the calories down, and get (at least) facing the tracks.

Because, Alcohol.

Did not blog last night, because, alcohol.

Ate things I should not have eaten last night, because, alcohol.

Too many calories, because… alcohol.

I had a very nice night out with some friends from work.  Somebody is leaving the company and it was our little groups send off.  I had a couple too many cocktails (read empty calories) and lobster tacos (probably not the healthiest thing and… calories).

I did manage to stay away from the chocolatey snacks. But ate a mini bundt cake (the size of a muffin).  That was not because alcohol.  That was me being stupid.

So today!  I am going to stay away from the sauce until Saturday. And healthy choices.  I am off the jenny menu today so I am going to eat good healthy things.  So no booze, and nothing fried. Eat Healthy and don’t be stupid.  Hurrah!

Today’s goal?

I really can’t think of anything.  Maybe I will figure it out before I finish writing this post. 

My silly idea that not taking caffeine after 3pm would help my sleeping?  NOT!!! I did fall asleep nicely at 10pm,  but was up at 1am and didn’t get back to sleep until 4:30am.  Then, an hour later at 5:30am, BUZZ!! My alarm went off to wake me up for my workout with my trainer.  UGH!!  Anyway… it was a great work out.  He included boxing today.  We  did 3 three minute rounds of him call out combos.  And let me tell you, it got me sweating and my heart rate up and I could feel it in my shoulders and arms.  I think I found a workout I can wrap my head around.

SO! Goal, goal, goal….. hrmmm.  Let’s say today I will limit my “snacking” to fruits and veggies.  No skinny cow chocolate wafer bars, or those lil Ghiradelli chocolate squares (even though they ate only 50 calories).  I’ll stick to an carrots, apple and maybe a clementine or a banana.  Oh and no caffeine after 2pm.


Caffeine? None past 3pm!!

So I actually stopped the caffeine intake at 3pm today.  So tomorrow I am off by 2pm.  Let’s see if I sleep better tonight!  Probably, I am dead tired and almost forgot to blog.  Also, I am on day two of no soda at work and HOLY HELL!!! Everything tastes salty.  Even my nightly cigar tasted different.  Hopefully I will get used to it.

Another interesting thing I noticed today is that I have veins on the back of my hands again.  I must be getting skinny.  

And on a final note, I did my weigh-in for the work weightless challenge and I lost 6 pounds in the month of March.  Not too bad.  I realized the more I lose, the slower it will come off.  Any loss is better than a gain.  

And on a side-note (after the final note), I got my dad coming into town and that means a little more eating out and drinking than usual, but as long as I don’t go hog wild, I should be okay.

Goodnight, y’all.  (Is my Texas showing?)

So Now What?!?!?

Well sleeping has been an issue.   Short but intense bouts of insomnia have been hitting me up every once in a while.  So I am going to start moving away from caffeine.  I have done this in the past and have a pretty sure fire way to get off it.  Starting today I will not have caffeine after 5PM.  Tomorrow? Not after 4PM.  Everyday I’ll drop it by an hour.  This way I should not get the headaches.  At least in the past this avoided the headaches.  I could go cold turkey but I ingest so much caffeine that headaches would take me out of commission for a day.  And we don’t want that.

I also did not work out this morning.  That’s okay.  There is a fitness class at the apartment gym tonight and if I can make it home in time, for it I will give it a whirl.

Nightly Wrap Up #001

64 ounces of water? Done. No soda at the office? Done. That sucked. I really have a diet soda problem. We’ll do it again tomorrow. It was actually harder than I thought. Not just the no soda, but the fact that I had to drink all that water. I really don’t like: just water. It’s like working out. I understand it’s good for me, and tons people enjoy it. I am just not in that group. I am hoping if I do it long enough I will enjoy it or at least not dread it.

I am still a little sore from the workout this morning. I am actually thinking about hitting the gym tomorrow morning, too. Not because I enjoy it (yet), but because I have a weigh in for work tomorrow. They had a weight loss challenge for March and I threw my hat in the ring. With everything slowing down, I thought it would get me back on track. It has a little bit. It got me back with my trainer.

Well I am off to sleepy land and to watch the finale of HIMYM. It better not suck.